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November 25, 2009

Queen Elizabeth Gets Her Name

A welder affixes the legendary name to the new Cunard ocean liner last week at the Fincantieri yard at Monfalcone (Italy).
The ship is still in two pieces, but that will be rectified shortly, as it is scheduled to be floated out in December. The bow section is shown here. The back of the ship's bridge, which has just been added when this photo was taken in mid-November, can be seen at the top. 
This is the aft section of the ship which is waiting to be mated to the bow, and you can see how far construction has progressed. 
This is one of the stabilizer fins (retracted into the ship's hull) as seen in the drydock. This photo gives you a good view of the supports upon which the ship rests when it's out of the water. 
The next step will be the float out of the vessel in December, and Queen Elizabeth is scheduled for delivery in October 2010. 

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