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November 13, 2008

QE2's Final Voyage Begins

When you are the Duke of Edinburgh coming to visit, you are personally escorted aboard the ship by the captain. His Royal Highness' began Tuesday morning with Captain Ian McNaught meeting him in the terminal. 
Much of Prince Philip's time aboard the ship was spent touring the vessel and meeting its crew members. Here he is in the engine control room.
He was especially interested to meet those who had served aboard QE2 during its time serving in the Falklands War. Here he is meeting the bridge crew. 
Remembrance Day (Veterans Day in the US) was marked by two Tiger Moth aircraft scattering a million red poppies (the symbol of the day in the UK) over QE2. Its military service was commemorated by a flyby of a Harrier fighter jet which hovered 500 feet off the stern, bowed to QE2, and then raced away at top speed. 
The Duke of Edinburgh also marked the ship's final visit to the UK by sitting for a formal portrait with its present and past masters. 
The visit wound up with a reception in the Queen's Room where Prince Philip presented a Robert Lloyd painting to the mayor of Southampton. The work was commissioned for the occasion and depicts Queen Elizabeth 2 arriving at the city. 
The day ended with QE 2 sailing away under a giant fireworks display. 

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