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October 17, 2008

The Day That Had to Come

It's a day that was set almost a year and a half ago, and it came yesterday. Cunard's Queen Elizabeth 2 made her last visit to America, and New York, before her retirement. The liner which has symbolized transatlantic crossings for more than 40 years is shown above setting out on her final crossing, a special voyage in tandem with Cunard's current flagship, Queen Mary 2. 
QE2 is the longest serving Cunarder ever, entering service in 1967. The ship will be retired on November 27, 2008, when she reaches Dubai at the end of her 1,438th voyage. 
Queen Elizabeth 2 is shown here passing the Statue of Liberty for the last time yesterday. In each port she has called on over the last several months, there have been farewell ceremonies as she's made her last call there. Probably the only grander one than New York's, however, will be when she departs from her home port of Southampton for the last time on November 11, 2008. 
A piper from FDNY salutes QE2 and QM2 as they leave New York Harbor and pass the Statue of Liberty. Thousands of people lined the shoreline down the length of the liners' route to witness the historic departure. 

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