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March 1, 2011

Celebrity Turns Heads on Wall Street

Workers on Wall Street did a double-take today when they saw this display on the street. Celebrity Cruises hired 3-D street artist Kurt Wenner to create the above flat scene depicting Celebrity's Lawn Club aboard its Solstice-class ships. Everything you see is flat on the ground including the chair, the table and computer, the flowers, the hammock and even the railing. The background is upright (just beyond the hammock), and the man lying on the "hammock" is actually lying flat on the ground. Wenner is shown at right putting the finishing touches on the artwork. Passers-by were invited to lie in the "hammock" and have their photo taken.

The display was promoting Celebrity Silhouette's new itinerary from Bayonne, NJ (just across New York Harbor from the City), to the Caribbean, allowing New Yorkers and those in the tri-state area, starting in November, to cruise the Caribbean without having to get on an airplane.

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